Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bebo Kobo- The Man behind Camden Market

  Bebo Kobo Camden Market
If you are passing through the reagent canal at Hempstead road in London without seeing the Camden market that means you are surely missing something unique. The famous Camden market is also known as the Bebo Kobo Camden market as the person behind it is Bebo Kobo. He is a billionaire not only by money; he is a billionaire also by heart. He has contributed a huge amount of money starting from a scrap till this huge market what we see today.

The Camden market is a one stop shop for all kind of pleasures. There are food plazas, there are music stores, and there are art galleries and all kind of popular entertainment stuff. The Camden Market is the heart of the Camden Lock Village and just like a person takes care of his heart Bebo Kobo has taken the charge of this happening market. As he is borne with a talent of expansion of businesses, even the ones which were on the verge of shutting down started flourishing when it came into his hands.
The Camden market is already on its boom due to Bebo Kobo because of his contribution not only in monetary terms but also in the terms of social service. An investment of 12 million pounds is definitely not a joke, but to change the picture of the village and provide employment to poor he did that and now the scenario is that The Camden market is the number 4th most visited destination of the world. Every week the number of visitors goes upto 50,000 including the localities and the tourists.
Bebo Kobo has a new project upcoming where he is going to work for the development of Camden Lock Village where the Camden market is situated.