Friday, March 28, 2014

Trowers & Hamlins Advises Richard Caring For Latest Restaurant Venture

Record Caring wants to develop 4-6 Berkeley Square into a flagship restaurant.  Trowers & Hamlins are an international law firm advices Richard for his business venture. He is a billionaire and business tycoon of the United States and famous for the fashion, restaurant and property. He starts his career from the Hong Kong manufactured fashion. After 2004, he comes into the real estate trade. His first deal is the Camden Market. After this deal, Richard and Elliott invested in the buying Wentworth Golf Club.

Le Caprice, The Ivy and Scott's restaurants are a famous hotel of Richard, He is planning to renovate it. He develops commerce very vastly and said about the market, “I spotted an international gap in the market. In the restaurant business, there are single brands, but not a group of brands - which is what we do. There is only one Ivy, one Annabel's - there is nothing like them. A group of top-notch brands like them - that is what we're trying to achieve. There is a grand plan and it starts with building strength in London.”

He has a very good project of the Berkeley square and will develop it soon, Trowers & Hamlins provide suggestion to him for the further development. Recently Bebo Kobo and Richard caring sold the Camden market to the Teddy Sagi, who is the Israeli businessman. This was the one of the project of Caring.  This is all about the success story of the trade of real estate.

Trowers & Hamlins are a City, national and international law firm with 123 partners and over 630 staff. The firm has four offices across the UK (London, Manchester, Exeter and Birmingham) and four offices in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, and Oman). The firm was also the first foreign law firm to open a representative, Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur in summer 2012.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Teddy Sagi's Next Gamble: Buying London's Camden Market for £400 Million

Sagi, the controlling owner of Playtech, will acquire full ownership from Israeli Billionaire Bebo Kobo and his two British partners. Value of transaction: £400 million (NIS 2.4 billion). Sagi: "We see incredible business and tourism potential in Camden" Teddy Sagi, the controlling shareholder of Playtech –online gambling software giant, and one of the few Israeli billionaires in the world, marks his next gamble: the popular Camden Market in London.

Sagi has acquired full ownership of Camden Market – 50% from Israeli billionaire Bebo Kobo, partner of Israeli model Miri Bohadana, and 25% from each of Kobo's British partners – property company Chesfield Partners, and restaurant tycoon Richard Caring. The transaction was made based on a total market value of £400 million, NIS 2.4 billion.The deal includes a property called Hawley Wharf, where Sagi intends to build 170 houses, a school and even a movie theater.

Sagi, only 42, started building his fortune (currently estimated at over $4 billion)15 years ago, when Playtech was founded. More than a decade later, Playtech is the world'sleading provider of software-based platforms for online gambling websites, and it is traded in the London Stock Exchange at a value of $3.5 billion.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Restaurant From Manchester, Titans San Carlo and Living Ventures Wants to Expands City

The Popular Chain of restaurant in England Manchester, Living Ventures has planned to expand their location to London and other cities of UK. The Man from Manchester’s most victorious restaurants revealed that they have more launches in the city this year revealed in a exhibition opened yesterday. Tim Bacon CEO of Living Ventures, and Marcello Distefano, Managing Director of San Carlo group of restaurants, revealed their plans at the Northern Restaurant and Bar conference. The Interview was taken by NRB director Thom Hethrington, Tim and Marcello both agreed to open thire dining places at different sites in country. He confirmed that he will acquire the 1 St Peter’s Square site on oxford Street but still searching for the venue.

NewsSite From Manchester Said Tim has already revealed plans to take over Label on Deansgate to become The Botanist, while the Olive Press on Lloyd Street is to expand into Eliot House to become the city centre’s first Gusto Italian restaurant. But he did say that he didn’t plan on any more openings on Spinning fields, after his revitalization of the business district in recent years with six different bars and restaurants. Both Marcello and Tim were quizzed on the secrets of their success, which they both put down to  dogged persistence , as well as what they thought would be the hot new trends in food and drink in years to come.”

They had talk with several civil engineers and building projects manger to build a project plan for their venue. The NRB event is for hospitality industry, who was involved  in a host selebrity chef demons this year.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dr. Man-Chung Tang- Empire of Design and architect

Dr. Man-Chung Tang is a American civil engineer and International businessman. He is current Chairman of the Board and the Technical Director of the T. Y. Lin International. Tung-Yen Lin headquartered in San Francisco. This is an infrastructure consulting firm that provides engineering and architectural services throughout the world. He was worked in Columbia University as an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. After this is move towards the New York City and worked as Severud & Associates. He founded an engineering consultancy company named as the DRC, and he founded DRC in China too. Now DRC in China is branch of T. Y. Lin International. We can say that he is the business tycoon in the Tecs and architect.

Tang has 44 years of experience in building, and working on about 100 bridges in world. He has presented more than 150 technical papers. He create ideas for Yangtze River bridge in Chongqing, China. He was awarded in 2013 for Gold Medal from the Institution of Structural Engineers. He received this prestigious Award for his outstanding contribution to the structural design of major bridges, for example aesthetics, creativity and sustainability. He was served as the Chairman of the American Society of Civil Engineers committee on Cable-Suspended Bridges. He was a former President of the American Segmental Bridge Institute.

He was the recipient of the Friendship Award in 2008, which is China's best award only for foreign experts who made excellent contributions in China's economic and social progress.  He was elected for Foreign Member in the Chinese Academy of engineering which is best for engineering and technology in China. He got many other awards in industry like ASCE Outstanding Projects and Leaders. He also awarded for Lifetime Achievement Award in modernization and brilliance in civil engineering.

He was also honored with IABSE's International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering. He is one of the most proficient bridge designers of this time. In his long career, he has been involved in the construction of hundreds of major bridges in each part of world, as designer and construction consultant.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jeff Bozos is the pioneer of e-commerce Business

Jeff Bozos is the pioneer of e-commerce and entrepreneur. He had completed his graduation in computer science and electrical engineering. Jeff is a technology entrepreneur and played an important role in the growth of e-commerce. Today he the is founder and CEO of though started his career with Wall Street.

Pioneer of E-Commerce
Bezos started his career from Wall Street and left his job for developing internet market. He started a business with an online bookstore. He began developing software with few employees in his office. He had created test software and invites 300 friends for Beta test (consider for external user acceptance). After the successes of beta test he started Within a month, Amazon sold books across 45 foreign countries. His sales reached $20,000 a week in two months. Amazon offering sales on the basis of CDs and video and later on he started with clothes, electronics, toys and more. In 2007, he started with a handheld digital book which allow users to buy, download and read the book.

Buying Post:
Bezos was trying to keep business at the top level that’s why he bought the Washington post. He  said that he doesn’t want to diminish the reputation value of the post. And he invested in newspaper also because he loves the written word.

“Amazon Prime Air”
In December 2013, Bezos   made new headline called “Amazon Prime Air” by using Drones. The Drone is the remote controlled machine which performs any human task. According to Bezos, this drone will carry upto 5pound weight and capable of travelling within 10 miles from distance of the company distribution center.

Currently Jeff announced that, his company going to offer thirty minutes delivery using drone. This is the new goal of Jeff to provide packages into 30 minutes or less than thirty 30min without any vehicle. But again security question is there .because this will be a no man delivery that is unmanned aerial vehicles. But its real issue how drone will deal with obstacles and how will drone find the address. The drone will able to face different weather condition, that’s why Amazon needs to improve on currently available technology.
The entire above question will solve and this will come into the reality within two years.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mike Ashley: Entrepreneur In Sporting Business

Mike Ashley's is an owner of Newcastle United and sport direct. He bought this club in 2007, paying around £135 million. He is the recognizable owner of the Newcastle United. He has established an empire of sport business in England and become an English billionaire retail entrepreneur in sporting business.

He was the county level squash player at the age of 16, because of some injury he became a country level squash coach. In 1980, he opened first sports shop in Maidenhead and expanded it quickly. He has founded Sports Direct International plc in 1982. In 1990, he rebranded the sports soccer and open 100 stores in the United Kingdom. Now he has a chain of 400 Sport stores across United Kingdom. The group has more than 20000 employees over the UK and at the store of Belgium, Ireland and Slovenia. It overtook JBP Sports, which was the greatest sportswear retailer. Ashley has made money by purchasing brand; Donnay is the first major brand. He bought the Dunlop Slazenger, boxing brand Lonsdale and many others.

Newcastle United: It is an English professional association of football club was founded in 1892. This club is a member of the Premier League. They have won four titles of League Championships and this has the ninth highest honors won by the club. Currently it ranks fifth in the world.
Dutch international striker Luuk de Jong said, "Newcastle is a great club and I have a good feeling about it,"
"I am very impressed with the stadium and training ground and have been made to feel very welcome by everyone I have met.
"It has been a tough season for me so far but I am here to play games and want to be important for the team, and successful with goals and assists.
"I am really looking forward to playing for Newcastle."

Ashley is renowned for different activities like memorable nights out with the football fans and drinking in big market. He is very different from other billionaires because he not like to give any interview or never attend any industry function, but he is very famous for Christmas lights in Totteridge, where is live. He always prefers casual dressing like shirt and chinos or tracksuit. For business purpose, carries a mobile phone in a plastic carrier bag with a brief case.
He is a great character in Business Tycoon and best boss in the world