Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bebo Kobo-The Great Architect

God is a great architect and he has sent many precious gemstones that are born for the welfare of the society and the people. The famous architect and real estate businessman Bebo Kobo is one of such people who have spent almost two-third of their lives in the welfare of the people around them. Bebo Kobo is not a Social worker, he is a real estate businessman and an architect but his smart approach towards the projects that he handled in the past years have proved to be a boom for the people around that area. The Flea market in Opa Locka, Florida is one such examples, it was a messed up place before Bebo Kobo took the responsibility of the project under him. As we all know that Flea market are equally important like the big markets because less expensive things are easily available in the Flea markets. You also have facility to sell your things here in the market without any commitment or boundation.

The Opa Locka Flea market is crowded by 100,000 people visiting it every week. It is not like the other markets which are chaotic and dirty; after all it has been developed by Bebo Kobo so it has to be systematic. There is ample parking with a special parking available for just $ 1 on Saturdays and Sundays. There are about 8 restaurants to enjoy delicacies and restrooms. With over 100,000 visitors per week the Opa Locka Flea market brings the buying power to you. The market opens everyday at 6:00am and runs until 6:00pm with all sorts of services available which are great and affordable. With more than 900 stores your requirements are sure to get fulfilled.

Appliances, Botanica, Incense, CD's, DVD, Game, Music, Books, Cell Phone, Ceramics, Flowers, Children´s Clothing, Dollar Store, Discount, Electronic, Stereo, Furniture, Handbags, Household Goods, Jewelry, Linen / Fabric, Luggage, Men´s Clothing, Perfumes, Women's Clothing are just things and the services available at the Opa Locka Flea market.
Women will surely become ecstatic here while shopping .

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