Thursday, October 18, 2012

Role of Kushal Singh in Accomplishment of DLF Projects in India

During the recent years, one of the developing countries named India has witnessed some of the remarkable achievements, business tycoons in the sector of real-estate business. One of the leading Indian businessmen is Kushal Pal Singh, who has played a vital role in transforming DLF i.e. Delhi Land & Finance Limited in to a leading real-estate development group of India. Since the year 1979, Kushal, the leading businessman has aimed over ambitious plan towards development of property in one of the small towns of Gurgaon and mostly in rural states of Haryana. He has given his strong vision towards the transformation of entire area in to satellite city near New Delhi and has grabbed the attention of some of the international companies for establishment of several business operations in the area.

Eventually, Kushal Singh has acquired a huge area of 3,500 acres across Gurgoan in Haryana, where DLF group has undergone with the construction of some of the latest commercial as well as residential buildings. During 1990s, General Electric has become one of the major international corporations associated with leasing some amount of space in a new extensive hub named DLF City. As India has emerged itself as one of the leading outsourcing destinations, several other renowned companies have become the tenants of DLF. These include Nestle, IBM, British Airways and American Business. Later on, under the leadership of Kushal Singh, DLF has completely expanded its development projects beyond the city of Gurgaon. In fact, it is only by the contribution of Kushal Singh, DLF has successfully accomplished some of the reputable buildings, shopping malls, hotels and apartments in several other parts of country. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Argentinean Business Tycoon Invested $100 million in Ganden Investments

Eduardo Elsztain, businessman of Argentina has recently signed one agreement to invest massive amount of $100 million in Ganden Investments Group. Ganden Investment is the parent company of an Israeli Corporation named IDB Holding. According to the signed deal, Argentinean businessman will make an investment of $25 million for 10% stake and get another option for investment of extra amount of maximum $75 million. In case of full exercise of the option, Eduardo will become 30.8% holder of Ganden Group. Few weeks ago, IDB holdings have had their advanced discussions regarding the investment made by Argentinean business tycoon in Ganden Group.

The investments made by Argentinean business tycoon named Eduardo would provide sufficient amount of cash to IDB Holdings, which has been recently selling each of its off assets for reduction of hefty debts. Last month, Ganden Investments have suffered massive loss in the second-quarter, which has raised concerns that the group may failed in paying its debts and include huge warning in its quarter results. Eduardo Elsztain is the CEO and chairman of one of the leading real-estate companies of Argentina named IRSA. Furthermore, Eduardo has given his valuable service as chairman of agricultural company named Cresud. Cresud is one of the famous agricultural producers, incorporating 35 farms as well as field of 1 million hectares under management in Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.