Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The scope of Restaurant Business in today’s Economy

In today’s economy the restaurant business can be found everywhere. For example, if you are the owner of any fast food restaurant, the profit of fast food restaurant chain is around 30-40%, but still it was reported that many restaurants were closed in the year 2009 in UK. Closing of 5204 independent restaurants in a year is not a usual thing. Restaurant business is very different from any other business. Most of the people think, it’s very easy to run any restaurant business and it’s an easiest way to go. But, in actual life it’s very hard and a most difficult to run any type of a restaurant business and to make it a successful way to go on. The Bebo Kobo restaurant, also known as Gilgamesh restaurant in the Camden Market of London is a very good example of a successful restaurant. It is a combination of serene interiors and tasty food.

If you are opening a restaurant business which has just crossed your mind and raised your hands. It’s not that simple enough, that you have taken a building on rent, buying some furniture, buying some food, hired some employees and you are into the restaurant business. It’s all true but it does not mean that you are running a restaurant business. In fact, this business is more complicated than what you are thinking. Please, consider the following points which may help you opening a restaurant business:

In this business, just make sure that your rent should not be exceeded more than 5% of your monthly sales. Before opening this business, it’s very necessary to gain some experience regarding that, because you cannot guess or hope for the best. As we already know the result, why 5204 independent restaurant business closed last year? You need to collect the whole information before going for the city requirement like for example health inspection, fire inspection, city code, state code, parking area, number of seating’s, etc..And many other things.

When you hire the employees then its little bit critical for you to train them, treat them or encourage them. Because, employees plays a biggest role in making your business successful. It’s very easy to find someone who can sell food, but so difficult to find that particular one who would loves to sell food. Therefore, these are few tips due to which the restaurant business can be opened and you people can make it more successful with your additional ideas.