Thursday, February 21, 2013

The famous Flea Market of Opa Locka

The flea market business is running since many decades and now it has established as one of the best world famous. The branches of the Flea are present at various places across the world.  A wide array of products and services are being offered by the Flea Market. Proper management and planning for running a Flea market is very important or else the visitors start losing interest in it and eventually a steep downfall is seen in their interest for visiting the Flea Market.

The Flea market of the Opa Locka city in Florida has been one of the biggest projects handled by the famous Israeli businessman Bebo Kobo. The improper parking area of the Flea Market was the core reason due to which the interest of visitors was vanishing until it was repaired by Bebo Kobo. The very first work done by him was organizing the parking area and then the whole market.

Now the market is quite organized in its own special style. Most of the stall holders are well acquainted with each other and it feels like a small village area of it won. Now the perspectives of people have changed and number of visitors has also increased to manifolds.

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