Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bebo Kobo leads the Camden

Bebo kobo is in the business since past two decades and the entire kobo family is proud of him. The kobo family is never belongs to a business and Bebo Kobo’s father was a serviceman. Bebo kobo has always been the vision of having his identity as a successful entrepreneur .Bebo Kobo during his higher studies always aimed of having his own business and after completing his post graduation despite of having very good job offers BK decided to set up his own fashion house and he started his own brand of fashion accessories. This was the first step in the entrepreneurship for Bebo Kobo, hence he has learned some very good lessons and have a more knowledge of business. That has ignited more sparks in Bebo Kobo and soon he decided to fly to London to give wings to his dream.
Camden market
Camden market
London just proved to be lucky place for the Bebo kobo, as he has able to get the best projects in London this time he went to his stream and taken some real estate projects. Soon Bebo kobo is become the familiar name in London and listed among the youngest entrepreneurs in London. But the project which has changed the fate of Bebo kobo is the Camden markets .Camden market was also been one of the big projects in London and which has revolutionized the waves of some many more projects across the world.
Bebo Kobo soon become the inspiration source for others and he is been idolized by many of the people .Bebo kobo has also been pioneered in luxury yacht manufacturing market. Bebo kobo use to develop some of the best luxury yachts by using the old war ships. Some of the UK’s big business man were been the proud owners of the yachts manufactured by Bebo kobo. Today Bebo kobo is been busy in taking some more real estate projects in various parts of the world.
Bebo Kobo’s son O.D Kobo is also now been to the footprints of his father. Recently O.D has launched a social networking website in china, soon 360 has become one of the top three social networking sites in China and gained a huge popularity.

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