Friday, July 12, 2013

David Beattie and Lori Lynch Opened a New Bristo Restaurant in Parrsboro

This time, David Beattie and his life partner named Lori Lynch have opened a new restaurant named Black Rock Bistro. Prior to this, the couples have obtained their recognition as the leading and historic bed and breakfast accommodation in Parrsboro named as Gillespie House Inn. Before two days on Wednesday, David Beattie, recently retired engineer said in an interview, “I have always looked for launching something new and innovative.” If you have your i-phone device in combination with i-phone mouse in your home, you can easily know about the opinion of restaurant owners about the name of this newly launched restaurant in Parrsboro.

Bristo restaurant has acquired its name via nearby outcropping of offshore rocks. The owner of new eatery further stated, “We have liked the local link, because of which we have given its name as Bistro.” In addition, the married couple even liked the pronunciation of the name of their new restaurant.

Moreover, if you give your valuable time in finding the exact location of Bristo restaurant and other achievements of owners via social networking site of Pheed owned by son of BEBO KOBO, you will find that the restaurant is at a comfortable location of Main Street. In fact, the actual property is the renovated historical building of the local area.