Monday, February 10, 2014

Business Security with Latest Technology

All business sectors require wide-ranging business security that safe products, business information systems, and the business location. Choose the perfect alarm system because different types of systems provide different measures of safety. Businesses do not only need safety when their doors and windows closed but some businesses need protection all time in a day. For instance, businesses that deal with cash in whole day need an alarm security system monitoring the working place throughout working periods. CCTV cameras and other robbery deterrent tool keep some public from theft or robbing because public know that their activities are not hide. Some company’s areas placards around their location to alert will be thief that a robbery prevention scheme is in place. Stickers are not sufficient to care for a company from robbery.

The warranting notice placards have to back up by an efficient alarm security system because well-groomed thieves are very skilled in breaking in hidden and are not discourage by warning placards. Some business enterprises using close circuit TV security cameras around the business perimeter to watching the place for doubtful activity. There are many benefits of having protections on the business because a thief knows that whenever he is discover the guard will report in to the police station. A closed circuit television has been a best way to keep safe businesses for several years and is now even more powerful and reliable because of wireless capability. The closed circuit security system can be monitor from only single command center, which makes viewing flexible and easy. Actually several insurance companies’ need some form of robbery prevention scheme in place before the company will issue policies to the company. A number of insurance companies need not only a thief deterrent scheme but also a fire security system. Companies that want to protect their business premises from employee robbery require taking extra robbery prevention measures.

Latest Technology

Other than this business security system nowadays, latest technologies developed in security sector. Latest one is Layered voice analysis developed by Nemesysco Company located in Israel. This LVA is one of the latest software tool kit can detect the brain all instant such as emotions, stress, integrity risk, feelings of people. This technology is widely used for different type of companies such as call centers, telecommunications and banks or financial institutions. Particularly LVA is used in Interaction Analytics to detect the customers calling at call centers. Skylex Interactive Analytics is enhancement of the already existing voice analysis technology that provides high level accuracy, efficiency and quality.

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