Thursday, July 31, 2014

E-Waste’s Toxic Material infecting the Soil and Water

The scientist has taken the samples from the Loni and Mandoli regions of Delhi, after testing the sample they reveals a high contagion of toxic metals and many other impurities. Surprisingly, the drinking water that people are using is also toxic and killing people very slowly and reducing the lifetime. The scientist has made a report titled “Impact of E-waste Recycling on Water and Soil” which had previously released by an NGO Toxic Link. The report contains information about the metals that the water and soil contains. 

The metals including lead, mercury, Zinc, acids, PVC and other chemical which has been released after the recycling the electronic goods. The mud and water are the first things that the chemical comes in contact and infect it with the toxins it contains. In Loni the samples reveal a high level about 20 percent more than maximum limited meanwhile in Mandoli Zinc level was 174 percent higher than the maximum limit. So the results had declared that the water is not fit for drinking but many people in those areas are drinking that water.

“The findings also show lead level in soil at Loni to be very high, with one sample as high as 147 times the prescribed limit. The findings at Mandoli were equally shocking with lead level in one of the samples being 102 times higher than the prescribed limit. The study findings also establish release of heavy metals and other contaminants from recycling units at both locations.”  Published on a site.

So the thing is these two areas are just example that there are a large number of cities in the country because there are many recycling facilities are working and recycling a huge pile of e-waste collect from across the country and also dumped by the developing countries.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Interaction Analytics System’s Functions in Varying Modes

Interaction Analytics system of the call center performs its functions in two different modes named as the online mode and the offline mode. Both of these modes are equally important and beneficial for the call centers, as they provide with customers’ responses and the operators emotional conditions in a specific approach. 

The offline mode facilitates SKYLEX Interaction Analytics to find out customer contentment levels, administrator performances, and operator service stages through recorded calls and enthusiastic LVA technology parameters. Supervisors can study customer satisfaction levels, analyze client reliability trends, supervise operator service excellence, guide new operators and set up optimal call center functions. Operators can without difficulty, control and monitor overhaul levels throughout the active calls, and guide themselves via recorded calls.
On the other hand, online mode avails real-time examination during a call, where the SKYLEX voice solutions administer a wide-ranging “snapshot” of the customers and callers and even the operators’ emotional conditions, while it examines trends and changes in the discussion. Supervisors can also settle on disappointed customers in spite of the operator’s level of knowledge, and make a decision on optimal time to present additional services or relate custody programs. Besides, they collect real-time notifications of operators’ and customers emotional condition, effortless two-way contact with the operator, and a comprehensive view through an activity casement of the emotional variations throughout the call. 

Supervisors can produce thorough information, listen to call records, choose value criterion and figure recorded calls, characterized calls for self-training and instruction, and information per date, specific operator or time. The operators can manage customer fulfillment levels, inform supervisors to put up custody programs, take delivery of “Help” notification from the other operators, and supervise individual workloads, mainly with high stressed out operators.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Companies is not managing Good E-waste Policies in India

The E-waste is another problem for newly formed Indian Govt. just like inflation, corruption and over population. There millions of people in the country who can afford the valuable Smartphone and other devices but the e-waste just not comes from individuals but also from the companies who’s going large and expanding their services. In order to do that they need big chuck of hardware, which will replaces the existing one and then comes the problem, there are still lack of e-waste recycling and proper disposal in the India. Individual just keep the electronics until they actually turn into garbage and then they throw it or either sell it to several plastic and garbage collectors, they again sell it to big one and all the matter just go to one landfill to another. According to a firm which rates other Hardware producers on the basis of their management of the scrap, had rate very poor the globally popular Apple, Phillips, Samsung and other. So why they are taking this lightly, because India is still so far from the WEEE legislation and don’t follow the proper methods to dispose or recycling.

A prestigious websites “Only seven companies (Canon, Intex, Lenovo, Nokia, Onida, Panasonic and Sansui) received green rating, signifying they had taken some good initiatives. The study examines if the two most important stakeholders – producers and the regulatory agencies – State Pollution Control Boards/Committees (SPCBs/Cs), have been effective in fulfilling their roles defined under the e-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011.

The Environmentalbusiness is growing and expanding the roots into the world, many companies have raised billions of dollars to rebuild the facilities for batter recycling and cleaning the environment. These companies look for precious metals, which they extract from the devices and sell them to make profit and they actually make huge profit.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Useful Tips to Market Real Estate Business

Real Estate business has been coming up in flying colors in the past few years. The progress this field is making now is incomparable. If you are also the one wanting to develop in the same here are some tips that can be helpful for you to promote the business effectively. This will help you in creating a monthly plan of marketing that would allow your business to develop shape and sustain. Here it goes: Define your goals: jot down the goals that you are seeking to achieve. The main reason behind this task is to clarify the purpose of yours behind the commencement of your Real Estate firm. Besides this it would be easier for you to work towards the accomplishments of your agenda. 

“Real Estate Marketing is not something you do once. It is something you must do on a continual basis. Think of marketing as the “eating right and exercising” part of your business. Just as you can’t eat an apple or go to the gym once and expect to drop 10 pounds, tone all your muscles and gain energy, you can’t do any marketing activity once and expect incredible results.”
Set up a logical marketing system:  this step will help you to take actions that are required to work towards your objectives. Do not try to fraud your clients. The marketing plan should be such that it displays the only thing you desire to show that would attract the customers. Make use of the biggest asset, TIME: bring your deadline close to be as effective as anybody else can be. Time management should be above all. Target market: set up your target market. The people you are targeting at should be the primary requirement in the field. If the picture of your target clients is clear in your head then the task will be all the more easily to work on.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Technology Concepts takes Another Step towards Shoes

The world of technology has a quick pace in the development area ever since the need have arisen. Techniques have been rapidly changing throughout the world and of any region irrespective of the nationality. The purchases of commodities is at the same range have been expanding vastly. Some people like to make sure of the security of their houses or other belongings; hence Mr. Amir Liberman has introduced the products under the company name Nemesysco with security devices. Some people like to purchase shoes to a very large extent. These people are very fond of comfortable shoes therefore the right type of shoe excites them to buy to no end.

The tech world gave us plenty talk about in 2013. We can build smarter robots. We can 3D-print pretty much anything. Tablet wars are still going strong, Snapchat is still a thing, and now we can binge-watch our favorite TV shows in more ways than ever before. Yes, 2013 brought us many amazing innovations that we use every day.” Lately been published on new source.

Living, breathing running shoes are the new invention of the innovative scientists. If according to Shamees Aden’s strategy all goes then may be some day you might not need to purchase a pair of running shoes. She is a designer and a biotech researcher who unveiled her own product concept, along with the Southern Denmark professor, at the London’s Wearable futures conference. This technology is said to take 20 years to create a completely functioning prototype. The shoes conform to the user’s foot imitating a second skin having 3D-printed protocells which are molecules that are not living but could be combined in order to create living organisms. Having the need to be treated like a houseplant after a run, these also respond to the activities of the user like pressure exerted results in inflating or deflating according to the comfort requirement of the foot.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Claim Unforgettable Experiences in Unique Restaurants

A trip cannot be completed without having the need to eat, but eating at someplace unique or rather say unusual is what makes everything worth remembering for a very long time. Sometimes while making payments for the same displays a little threat of theft so to prevent these technologies of Liberman is being used in restaurants now. This secures your excitement and experience of travelling, isn’t it? Now, if you wish to multiply your fun, you must really try the unusual eateries of the world, and this would make sure that your experience is not just the food but a lot more than that. It would be about Novelty and real unique experience too.

Dining is deemed to be the highlight of anyone’s travelling experience. Trying new food and new cuisine is a memorable experience that you will get to cherish every time you visit a new restaurant or you set foot on the most popular food chain in the place. It does not matter if you have been in the place just once or more than that, food will always be a good tale to tell and a memory to be cherished,” published by the richest.

For instance, if you are visiting Maldives then we suggest you to definitely visit the Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives.People who had a dream to watch sea creatures but without dressing up like divers, this is the best place to make that dream come true and at the same time have food with them. The restaurant would give you a tremendously unforgettable experience while you eat with the company of underwater life. Have a flavor of exquisite cuisines as enclosed marine life watches you from all directions. It would not take away your fear of sharks but would bring you close to the creatures living in the sea.