Saturday, May 18, 2013

KISS Members’ Plans for Restaurant Business Expansion

KISS members have obtained their worldwide popularity for opening of three different branches of a branded restaurants chain named Rock and Brews in Los Angeles. This time, renowned people associated with the KISS Group have expressed about their plans for opening of about 100 similar food centers or eateries in different parts of North America in the coming 5 years. Paul Stanley, a leading guitarist has given small description of the same to Hollywood Reporters. According to Stanley, “Currently, we are planning for extending our tentacles. In fact, we are planning to form family and friendly place, in which people do not need to undergo any type of compromise with palates.”

Efforts of Restaurants’ Owners and Managers

Similar to owners and qualified professionals associated with two Bebo Kobo restaurants in Camden Market, owners and qualified professionals of KISS have given all the possible contributions in the restaurant business sector. One of the interesting features about the restaurant business of KISS is that the organization has put all steps in delivering best possible foods and services to customers.

About Camden Restaurants and Camden Markets

Shaka Zulu and Gilgamesh have been recognized as the two famous restaurants of the Camden Market. Camden Market is actually a group of sub markets located nearby the Camden Lock Village in London.