Friday, November 2, 2012

Khun Tipaporn- Winner of Real Estate Personality Award 2012

Khun Tipaporn has become the winner of one of the prestigious Real Estate Personality of the Year Award 2012. Last week, editors of one of the business magazines named Property Report South East Asia have selected the business tycoon for the prestigious awards based on incredible Thailand property. Moreover, the award is somewhat different from other real-estate awards given in Thailand. This is because; in case of other property awards, independent judges panel select the recipient of the award. On the other hand, in case of Thailand Property Awards, each of the team members have to forward one of their candidates, while editors of magazine select the winner based on some specific criteria. Firstly, the business tycoon should compulsorily have overall impact of his or her company on quality of Thailand property market.

Secondly, business personality should have huge influences on business development of Thailand. After this, business tycoon should innovate and introduce some of the creative approaches towards growth of real estate. Last, but not the least, business tycoons should have commitment towards philanthropy. Now, let us have a look over some of the outstanding achievements of Khun Tipaporn. Khun Tipaporn has remained one of the renowned figures in the real-estate sector of Thailand. She has served as CEO of DT Groups, lead renowned companies Magnolia companies named Finest Corporation Limited and Quality Development Corporation. In fact, Tipaporn has bright career in corporate sector. She has taken in charge of several prominent companies in Thailand. 

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