Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Successes of Worldwide Real Estate Business Tycoons

Real estate industry has always remained one of the lucrative sectors across the world. Despite other business sectors always tend to buckle as well as reel from turmoil and economical recessions, real estate industry has always remained strong and obtained success in dealing with several types of damages, caused by downfall of economy. In this blog, we have attempted to highlight some of the achievements of renowned business tycoons across the world. Firstly, we will go for giving a small description about one of the renowned Israeli business executives named bebo kobo. Despite the business tycoon was actually located in the city of Israel, but has given his huge contribution in different cities of United States and United Kingdom.

Especially, he has obtained recognition as owner of Camden Market in London. After this, I will give a small overview about the achievements of another well-known business tycoon named Sam Zell. The great personality has purchased the land at a very high price and managed all of his funds in efficient way. Later on, he established his own empire in the sector of real estate business. Business and financial reports across the world has revealed that Sam Zell is the owner of massive amount worth $6 billion. Lastly, we will have a look over drastic achievements and successes of Stanley Ho, one of the richest business tycoons of Asia. Stanley Ho has played a major role in several types of business ventures, along with casinos or gambling spots of Macau in China. 

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