Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The emergence of New York Sunrise market

The New York Sunrise market has been a center of attraction for many people before its grand opening which happened in January. The people loved this market and it was an amazing experience for the visitors to check out various food products. The fish department and different grocery stocks are worth watching. The Dim Sum place in the same court is also the most talked about place nowadays. The market is crowded each day and specially at the weekends. You might have to strive a bit for getting optimum parking place due to rush. Once you are in you will be glad enough to forget all your problems.

As you will enter this market you find a long area beside the wall where fresh fishes are sold. Other areas include fresh Chinese fruits and vegetables like lotus roots, mushrooms, bean sprouts, chestnuts, all sorts of green vegetable etc. meat stalls, fresh sea food, pork chicken, ducks etc is also available for buying. At the end of the market you’ll find numerous eatables which can be enjoyed as snacks by the visitors. The developer of this market has done a great job.

Other example of great market developer includes Bebo Kobo who changed the complete picture of the Flea Market in Opa Locka city of Florida. He was sent a letter of thanks by the Vice chairman of the city for his contribution in making the Flea Market so popular amongst the local tourists and also tourists from all over the world. 

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