Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Celebration Plans for 150th Anniversary of Covered Market

Last month, most of the traders celebrated 150th anniversary of an iconic and a popular market of North East. Stallholders belonging to Covered Market in Darlington dressed in garb of Victoria to recreate a popular picture found in archives of market council. The picture is responsible for displaying of market life about more than 100s of years. In the year 1863, market building has established itself along with its clock tower recognized as landmark in front of the public. Since then, the market has played significant role in serving large numbers of shoppers from many generations and become central or focal point for city of Darlington. Whether you look for groceries or electronic items in the form of mini DVR, you can find this market as the best outlet in Darlington.

In fact, the market has become equally popular in between the people of Darlington, as the popularity received by Bebo Kobo Camden Market in London. Traders have scheduled the celebrations for 150th anniversary based on Victorian theme in Covered market and in adjoining market square of the area from 7th of June to 8th of June. In addition, committee of market officers and stallholders belonging to Borough Council in Darlington has planned for different types of fun and exciting events for visitors.

The events will include Victorian workshops, fair games, carousel of old fashion, musical performances, juggling, penny-farthings, Judy and Punch and even rat catcher in Victorian style. Other than this, visitors of market can also get the opportunity to view and have roasted ox, birthday cake incorporating building shape and different types of commemorative plates for enjoying the event. Alfred Waterhouse is responsible for establishment and designing of Covered Market in Darlington. 

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