Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nicholas van Hoogstraten: Self Made Millionaire

Nicholas van Hoogstraten is a self made British businessman and real estate developer. He is best known for his business kingdom and his contentious life story. He was born on 25 February 1945. He was came from dirt and made his work empire with his willingness and dedicated to work property. His estimated to worth £500 million. His all assets from UK have been assigned to his children’s.

He was one of the top real estate developers in UK like Bebo Kobo Donald Trump, Bill Gates and David Clapper. owner of the Camden market. One of the best and largest market present in the UK. He involved in business at age of only 11. He started selling noted stamps to collectors from his collection worth £30,000. At age of 14, he started to wear a suit to school and start reading the commerce magazines and attended to dealing. He left school at age of 17 and join merchant navy for a year. After that he begins his property production in the Bahamas with first investment of £1,000, gained from the stamp selling business.
With the return to UK he built his venture through loan sharking business, based in city. By age of 23 in 1968, he was youngest millionaire in UK with more than 300 properties. Later they discovered that he way paying a gang to throw a grenade into house of a business associate. By 1980 at the age of 35, he owned about 2000 properties but he sold most of them to invest in other field of the business. He was often seen and interviewed in Courtland hotel, which is owned by his children’s.
Nicholas Van Hoogstraten, pictured in 1968
He’s now constructing new Hamilton Palace near to East Sussex since 1980.  Construction begin in 1980 had costs around £40 million by 2006. He is also involved in mausoleum. Under English law, which says that after his death his all property would be owned by His trust and then he could Rest in Peace. 

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We catch him in a interview which will show you how he rise and fall

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