Friday, February 14, 2014

Felony Background Check of Employees

Companies are hiring the services of the volunteers and new employees or reviewing the services of already, existing employees always choose to perform background check on the individuals for many reasons pertaining towards the protection of the companies. Especially, most of the companies and managers of business organizations give their major concern towards the felony background check. Felony background check focuses on the criminal history of the individuals and help inquisitors in knowing the felony conviction of the job applicants. For instance, felony background check may help in checking the involvement of the potential employees in rapes, thefts, murders and many more severe crimes. 

Reason for Conducting Felony Background Screening

One of the major reasons for felony background check is that employers perceive that perceive that if the job seekers have felony conviction in the past, they may repeat their activities within the office premises and endangering the lives and properties belonging to the business organizations. Even some of the employers have to perform the felony background check of both potential and already existing employees to fulfill certain provisions of the law. In fact, employees going to work with children, elder and disabled people should necessarily have to undergo felony background check. These employees may often have to undergo checking of criminal records for abduction and abuse of children. 

Technologies involved in Conducting Felony Background Screening

Owners or employers of business organizations and companies have adopted various types of latest technologies in conducting the background screening processes of the employees. In the recent few years, most of the companies have adopted one of the latest LVA-i technologies of Nemesysco Limited for conducting not only felony, but also other important background check of the employees. “LVA-i technology is capable of measuring the emotional contents and integrity risk potential of the people tested in different topics and helps the tested parties in expressing themselves in a free and natural speaking form and even in one of the comfortable language.”

Operational Modes of LVA-i Technology

LVA-i technology developed by the professionals of Nemesysco Limited is capable of performing its functions in both automated and in telephone tests modes. 

LVA-i is not a Lie-Detector

"LVA-i uses a structured questioning methodology and analyzes free speech answers (Not “Yes/No”) to generate an overall Risk Report per tested topic, based on plurality of repeating indications identified in the relevant questions. This analysis model ensures highly accurate information to be used in the follow-up interview".

Automated Mode

In case of automated mode, the candidates have to seat in one of the quiet rooms in front of the computer terminal of LVA-i. By the help of phone-like handset of LVA-i and the screen, system can present some of the selected questionnaire, which advances to the next question in automatic way once the system records proper response of the voice. 

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