Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Exclusive Features of Call Tracking Information System of Skylex

If you are willing to enhance the already existing functions or operations go on in your business, you should definitely stay updated and aware of advancement taken place in the technological sector. Based on this fact, the blog post is focusing to give a detailed overview of sophisticated voice analysis solution, which performs its functions by the use of technology named as Layered Voice Analysis. 

Voice detection based information systems offered by Skylex have now become the best possible business-level service for globalized contact centers. In fact, with the help of speech recognition and analysis tools, like ASR, Emotion Detection, Spotting of Keywords and similar others, Skylex technicians have obtained excellent opportunities to provide efficient levels of solutions for its customers. Specifically, its call history tracking system has become an effective solution to be used by large numbers of call center companies.

Call History Tracking System

Tracking system used by top-class business players and other customers comprises of an application form, from where supervisors can listen, view, estimate and comment on different types of conversations analyzed with the help of tracking instrument. The form has different headings, like filter at the left portion of the application, conversations table in combination with relevant details, like agent id, customer number, emotional estimation, group and many more. In addition, you will find the conversation player placed at the bottom portion of the application form. Conversation player comprises of two different types of graphics, including the graphics for voice segments and graphics indicating levels of selected human emotions during the entire conversation process.

Skylex presents Innovative approach to the analysis of quality of service with the combination of large opportunities of modern platforms of the contact centers allows to create the high-performance tool for management of the center of service.” Read a similar type of update from here.

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