Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fans of steakhouses must visit the kings of it: Chicago Cut Steakhouse

With signature USDA-certified prime beef, hand cut and age dried in sight of the customers helps Chicago cut steakhouse to redefine Chicago’s state centric scene of dining. The restaurant business holds an array of heart melting side dishes along with several others on their exclusive dine menu, for instance eight different sea food options including lobsters, shellfish etc. in joining with made-to-order cuts. It features a highly advanced environment with a livestock bar area decorated with beautiful wine display cases, hugely spacious dining tables, red velvet banquette halls and scenes of Chicago River that would sweep you off your feet in an instance.

Returnees say this River North steakhouse "gets it right every time", turning out "excellent" chops offered alongside a serious iPad wine list large enough to "get lost in"; service is "knowledgeable", and its "right-on-the-river" locale helps lend a "very Chicago" vibe, so many shrug off "pricey" tabs and sometimes "noisy" conditions, finding the overall experience "worth it."” Reviews read at zagat.

This type of sprawling outdoor patio outlining of the riverside is very well able to attract a large number of diners all through the day as well as night. The restaurants global wine list, presented to the customers is one of its special touches involved. A question going through each one’s mind is “why visit this restaurant?” Well, the answer to it that this is not simply another addition to a list of great steakhouses, but has one of the great chefs, Travis Strickland, who is a master in enhancing the menu beyond its clich├ęs of the genre and offer one of a kind spins on seafood without losing its classic touch. Raise another question, “what should you eat there?” eat anythingthe Great Lakes whitefish served in a rich butter sauce with blackened Cajun crawfish is its most famous delicacy.

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