Thursday, July 31, 2014

E-Waste’s Toxic Material infecting the Soil and Water

The scientist has taken the samples from the Loni and Mandoli regions of Delhi, after testing the sample they reveals a high contagion of toxic metals and many other impurities. Surprisingly, the drinking water that people are using is also toxic and killing people very slowly and reducing the lifetime. The scientist has made a report titled “Impact of E-waste Recycling on Water and Soil” which had previously released by an NGO Toxic Link. The report contains information about the metals that the water and soil contains. 

The metals including lead, mercury, Zinc, acids, PVC and other chemical which has been released after the recycling the electronic goods. The mud and water are the first things that the chemical comes in contact and infect it with the toxins it contains. In Loni the samples reveal a high level about 20 percent more than maximum limited meanwhile in Mandoli Zinc level was 174 percent higher than the maximum limit. So the results had declared that the water is not fit for drinking but many people in those areas are drinking that water.

“The findings also show lead level in soil at Loni to be very high, with one sample as high as 147 times the prescribed limit. The findings at Mandoli were equally shocking with lead level in one of the samples being 102 times higher than the prescribed limit. The study findings also establish release of heavy metals and other contaminants from recycling units at both locations.”  Published on a site.

So the thing is these two areas are just example that there are a large number of cities in the country because there are many recycling facilities are working and recycling a huge pile of e-waste collect from across the country and also dumped by the developing countries.

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