Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Captain Robert Douglas relationship with a boat

Captain Robert Douglas is celebrating his 50th summer this week in what has been dubbed the longest running relationship between a captain and a boat. Capt. Robert was heard saying that to his knowledge no other captain has been with the same boat for that long. Others had a short stint while others had a long one but did not get to fifty years. Shenandoah is one hundred and eight square topsail which takes its model from the mid 19th schooner .Other venture that Capt Douglas is associated with include the Black Dog restaurants, the multi billion dollar company which was founded on the shape and memory of his pet dog. The real dog which the multi million dollar companies take after died more than ten years ago but it has been immortalized by the nice T- shirts that have been selling in United States. Jack Rusell, Snoopy and Fluffy may be adorable but they will not enjoy the same treatment that Black dog has received from its owner. They will have the privileged of being tethered around the owner as he tells the tales of his accomplishments over the years. This is what the Nemesysco founder aspires to do during his retirement ages.

The 81 year old man wore the boat shoes, polo shirt which has his trade mark, a discreet black dog silhouette well printed on the sleeve and a Shenandoah cap with pins which bear the image of the boats that make up his company fleet.

Until recently Mr Douglas was the only known person to skipper the Shenandoah, his son Morgan has now taken the helm from his month to do a few trials.

When capt.Douglas gets down to jot about his life and the half century relationship with the boat he will begin with a photograph which was taken during his first ride in a little wooden boat back in Northern Michigan when he was only at the age of six. It will be like singing a sweet melody on mobile speakers and later listening to the recording to hear how the voice can turn out.

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