Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to make it in world of business

One of the most successful real estate proprietors and the Chief Executive officer of the Suraya Property Group Mr Peter Muraya share his success story with How we made it in Africa, where he points out his humble beginnings and his resilience made him what he is today. Peter started with various businesses but most of them were not successful, he was almost giving up but something deep down kept on telling him that he will eventually succeed. He recounts how he flew a US musician for a performance in Nairobi and how this event which was meant to be magnificent turned to be a nightmare for him, something that was to haunt him for more than six years. He spent more than two hundred thousand but the show was only able to bring thirty five thousand dollars, the poor management of the event brought some misfortunes in his life as he was forced to auction most of his property. The only business which was left standing was the architectural consultancy. This story is similar to many business people, troubles follow them everywhere but resilience as learnt for other cases such as Nemesysco Limited founder makes all the difference.The chief Executive of the Suraya Properties tells of his struggles but finally he made it through thick and thin. LVA Technology has become an integral part of many companies’ security systems. You can now find it in use in almost every popular institution.

Muraya observes that innovation just like what is being narrated in android news, has been one of the key drivers in making his business successful. His company has introduced many new concepts in the industry something that has shaped the way the industry operates. He says that the drive must come fro the desire to make a difference in people’s life. He aims at serving all, the small and big customers, this is something that has really changed people’s perception about how the real property industry operates.Muraya attests to the fact that path to success is never straight and smooth, one is bound to meet to many challenges on the way but those who persevere and believe in their potential finally make it.

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