Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Luke Johnson: Boss of restaurants

Luke Johnson is British entrepreneur and famous for involvement with Pizza Express. He holds an eatery group with over 400 restaurants across the United Kingdom. He is the former chairman of the Channel 4 Television Corporation and The Royal Society of Arts. He writes for magazine and newspaper also. He calls himself as a projector, because in 17th century the man who involve in many business called as “projector”. He participated in many projects and was the chairperson of Patisserie Valerie, Feng Sushi and Gail's Artisan Bakery and was once an owner of The Ivy and J Sheeky.

Luke Johnson took control of Pizza express in 1993 with Osmond. He expands trade with a starting of 12 and now it is over 250. In 1999, he started signature hotels like crown jewels. This includes the chain of London trade like The Ivy, Le Caprice. In 2005, He sold his both business and got £90 million. Result of all these activity, he is well known for his investments. He is involved in many companies in retailing, pubs and bars from 1993 to date. He purchased a London based Japanese hotels chain for home delivery. At the same time, he purchase Ego Group and merged with pizza Express in 2011. In 2013, he became a non-executive director of contract caterers Harbour.

Luke Johnson has number of charity, like he is chairman of The Institute of Cancer Research and StageOne. StageOne is a charity to support new producers.

Recent Activity:
Currently, he works on investment in restaurant with Patisserie Valerie to a car park company. According to article published in management today he said, “It feels to me that January started with a bang and my diary for the coming weeks is already full of meetings about fresh opportunities. I expect to be very busy making new investments and enhancing what we already own.”

He likes to be very busy in his work. This statement is proved with his own words that "Boredom is a great enemy in my life. I like to avoid getting bored.
"I have a restless personality, like other entrepreneurs, that keeps me going. Business is what I do, and I believe that all people need work of a sort, they need to be proactive."

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