Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dr. Man-Chung Tang- Empire of Design and architect

Dr. Man-Chung Tang is a American civil engineer and International businessman. He is current Chairman of the Board and the Technical Director of the T. Y. Lin International. Tung-Yen Lin headquartered in San Francisco. This is an infrastructure consulting firm that provides engineering and architectural services throughout the world. He was worked in Columbia University as an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. After this is move towards the New York City and worked as Severud & Associates. He founded an engineering consultancy company named as the DRC, and he founded DRC in China too. Now DRC in China is branch of T. Y. Lin International. We can say that he is the business tycoon in the Tecs and architect.

Tang has 44 years of experience in building, and working on about 100 bridges in world. He has presented more than 150 technical papers. He create ideas for Yangtze River bridge in Chongqing, China. He was awarded in 2013 for Gold Medal from the Institution of Structural Engineers. He received this prestigious Award for his outstanding contribution to the structural design of major bridges, for example aesthetics, creativity and sustainability. He was served as the Chairman of the American Society of Civil Engineers committee on Cable-Suspended Bridges. He was a former President of the American Segmental Bridge Institute.

He was the recipient of the Friendship Award in 2008, which is China's best award only for foreign experts who made excellent contributions in China's economic and social progress.  He was elected for Foreign Member in the Chinese Academy of engineering which is best for engineering and technology in China. He got many other awards in industry like ASCE Outstanding Projects and Leaders. He also awarded for Lifetime Achievement Award in modernization and brilliance in civil engineering.

He was also honored with IABSE's International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering. He is one of the most proficient bridge designers of this time. In his long career, he has been involved in the construction of hundreds of major bridges in each part of world, as designer and construction consultant.

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