Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DTZ Group Working For Buzzword Shopping Center

The latest shopping center Buzzword grabs the customer’s attention through live entertainment.  These activities are going to impact the bottom line of retailers.  There are so many changes take place in the market traffic.  It includes car park revenues, changes in footfall, retailer turnovers and customer surveys are used by the landlord to measure effectiveness of such experiences.  These changes are relevant to target customer.  But it doesn’t work for the benefits.

After this failure, the mall uses the Colliers International, which is digital technology working in partnership with the retailers.  By using this facility one can use the electronic footprints. It can grab the data by their interaction with the digital environment.

Tom Cullen is Agency director and he explains: “Landlords can work with the retailers on-site and other local stakeholders to share information with one another. For instance, a lot of the experiences are linked to a particular day, like a Christmas Shopping Festival including things like live music, DJs, complimentary drinks, giveaways, styling, trend talks, beauty treatments and fashion shows, coupled with a 10% or 20% off voucher.”

If shoppers provide any offers then it needs to contact the landlord because; Collaborative marketing strategies play an important role in tracking consumer’s experience.  The real estate manager of the DTZ group growing the awareness on joint marketing.  They have created a tool, which tracks the weekly information on sales and activity.

Buzzword will improve their sales because: DTZ group is a biggest real estate firm which advice and technical input on building. The team said "We have identified a growing appetite to provide services which address our clients' requirements to improve the overall operational efficiency of their buildings and Derek and Alan's experience in delivering such projects will be invaluable. We are delighted to welcome them to the team."

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