Wednesday, May 14, 2014

St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market Recently Included Two Popular Ontario’s Wineries

This time, visitors and shoppers of the popular St. Jacobs Farmers’ market have obtained the excellent opportunity to choose their favorite wine in combination with other food items and merchandises to get full enjoyment on the auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day. Last weekend, two regional wineries of Niagara had their outdoor booths at the marketplace for first time and witnessed steady stream of shopaholics and wine lovers selecting their favorite wines. 

Selling of Ontario-base d wines in the St. Jacobs market is a part of a pilot program, which will run for two years. With the introduction of this program, province and people have hoped that the demand for various VQA Ontario wines will increase in coming months. Natalie Weber, a shopper of the market was excited to buy Between the Lines Winery from the market. 

Last year, during the month of May, she went on a tour to Niagara and found outstanding taste of vintages found in the winery. Moreover, speaker of Niagara-on-the Lake winery named Lisa Suarez-Tados said to public that finally, wineries are also available in the Jacob’s farmers market. Other than this, New Hamburg woman said, “It was our favorite one, so we've always wanted to go back. I'm very happy about it.” Read more comments about new wineries from here
St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market Overview

Since last few years, St. Jacobs’s market has remained a popular shopping and farmers’ market for the people belonging to different areas of Ontario and other cities of Canada. Every week, large numbers of vendors bring their crafts, fresh food items of their farms, imported goods, antiques and different types of delicious ready-to-eat foods to grab the attention of visitors. 

In addition, if you give your valuable time to look over reviews, media and information systems or sources related to the shopping area, you would find the new building named Harvest Barn, which housed many craft and food vendors and Food Court. Furthermore, you will find many vendors located in the building of Peddler’s Village building as well as in Colony Houses. Last, but not the least, outdoor area displays the perfect mix of old ordered and Mennonite farmers, local producers, quality flea market and petting farms.

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