Wednesday, May 28, 2014

El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant Heads To Texas on Tour

This summer El Celler de Can Roca restaurant located in Gerona will be in touring Texas in August 2014. Chef Joan Roca, Joseph and Jordi are the three brothers who came up with the restaurant. They are planning to close for one month and tag along their staffs with them who are 30 in number. Joan Roca explained that the travel is way to adhere to a request to open up another restaurant without having difficulties to find a way to do so if they are not present. The only alternative was to take the whole restaurant on tour to gain a new experience; the only way of making changes to it is by closing it up for a whole month.
On their visit to Texas, they plan to serve 100 people each day, 50 people for lunch and dinner. And the good news is that students will gain a four month internships at the restaurant. Instead of importing Spanish ingredients to Texas, the three brothers will use the locally available ingredients in Texas. Roca said that he is hoping that the travel will give the brothers a chance to show their food, and techniques. Several restaurant tycoons have bought the restaurants in Texas.

At a May 19 press conference in Houston, Joan Roca, speaking Spanish translated by celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann, explained the tour is a way to respond to requests that the brothers open a second restaurant without having to determine a way to do so without their physical presence. read more at culturemap

12 student groups from this institution were showed a preview of what to expect when they begin their lessons at the restaurant. Roca has said it is a good move to support talent, and their plan is to help the new generation chefs to make use of their skills and be confident in demonstrating their skills. They are hopeful that the skills Learnt by the young lads will be shared in Texas to their colleagues. Although these students might not come with big restaurants such as theirs, good things might emerge from pointing out young talent and supporting it.

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